A One Dimensional Mass Transport Model for Natural Rivers

Mustafa M. Aral

DOI: 10.2190/QPUD-3JFR-0P2E-EV9D


A numerical computer model is developed using the finite element method to analyze one dimensional transport of radioactive pollutants in natural rivers. The model generated includes some routines to predict the longitudinal diffusion coefficient as a default value, given some kinematic constants. Also, decay constants are generated as default value, given the specification of the radioactive material under study. The present paper summarizes the initial steps taken toward the goal of preparing a user-oriented computer model which will be available for use in cases of emergency, to predict the mass transport of pollutants in natural rivers with limited input data. Case studies analyzed indicate that quite accurate predictions can be made as initial estimates of the magnitude of concentration distribution as it varies through time by employing a model of this kind.

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