Perception of Conflict Between Off-Road Vehicle and Non Off-Road Vehicle Users in a Leisure Setting

F. P. Noe
J. D. Wellman
Greg Buhyoff

DOI: 10.2190/Y0NK-9AVE-NRMY-T3U2


The usefulness of a goal-interference model was examined in evaluating a potential conflict in the out-of-doors. It was hypothesized that if conflict was present among site users, the following minimal elements would likely be present: 1) that each party is able to consciously express a set of goals for a situation, 2) that elements frustrating the attainment of a goal are recognized by the parties, and 3) that blame is placed by the parties on each other for interfering with the goal attainment process. The results of this survey establish support for identifying a conflict situation in terms of a goal-interference model.

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