Forecasting the Impacts of Global Forces on America's Wetlands

William R. Mangun

DOI: 10.2190/8F42-7QMJ-KQE5-JQP5


The forces and trends shaping America's wetlands and the manner in which proper futures forecasting methods can be used to determine more adequate policies for their preservation and maintenance are the focus of this article. The most current scientific definition of wetlands is provided with a description of the roles and functions of wetlands. A section is devoted to the continuing decline in the quality and quantity of wetlands in the United States. A description of the forces, both nationally and internationally, which are specifically leading to the declines is also presented. The article concludes with a section which provides suggestions of how current forecasting techniques could be used by policymakers, or their staffs, to minimize the negative side-effects of development decisions on wetlands.

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