Incentive Options for Hazardous Waste Management

Charles N. Haas

DOI: 10.2190/TEVT-LPU3-XW3V-YP7D


The use of economic incentive mechanisms as alternative, or additional, means to encourage reduction of landfill disposal of hazardous waste is examined. Specific techniques discussed are pollution taxes, waste reduction subsidies, deposit-refund systems and transferrable generation or disposal rights. The use of any economic program must be decoupled from advocacy of cost-benefit analysis to render such program acceptable. It is necessary to determine the degree to which any further reduction of reliance on land-based disposal of hazardous waste might be necessary given the likely imposition of bans on certain classes of waste. Presupposing the necessity of such additional action, the transferrable permit and deposit-refund systems appear to hold the most promise for application to hazardous waste management strategies.

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