Deforestation in Developing Countries

B. Bowonder

DOI: 10.2190/FJDP-VRU8-F78E-FHWE


Degradation of forest quality is one of the most serious environmental problems facing the world today [1-3]. Developed countries' forest ecosystems [4] are affected severely because of air pollution and acid precipitation. The damage of forests in Germany is reported to be severe [5]. Approximately 25 percent of the forests are affected - damaged (loss of 20% to 50% leaves or needles) or severely damaged (loss of over 50% leaves). The deforestation in developing countries is mainly due to poverty and underdevelopment [6]. Such deforestation is a very critical problem and eludes easy solution since it is intricately linked to under-development, poverty and other complex socio-economic factors. This article analyzes the problem of deforestation in developing countries and suggests possible solutions for arresting deforestation.

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