A Garbage Recycling PROGRAM for New York City

Harrison J. Goldin

DOI: 10.2190/YD7Y-7GTN-N7XP-AUVH


A legislative initiative addressing recycling of solid wastes in New York City. The material presented in this article is much as it was originally prepared by Harrison J. Goldin, Comptroller of the City of New York with the assistance of Walter Bortko, P. E., of his staff, and includes the basic technical and economic bases on which the program was recommended. Also appended are testimony regarding a related bill requiring the City to recycle paper, copies of a "Memorandum in Support" of the bill, and a copy of a "Local Law" as proposed for enactment by the City Council. These materials provide a look at the technical and economic aspects of this nationally significant issue and illustrate the legislative process in a city whose solid wastes disposal problem is truly gargantuan and where the need to find practical solutions is critical.

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