"Their" Environmental Problems and Our Own: The United States and the Palau Islands

Joshua Epstein

DOI: 10.2190/B2P9-59AQ-W7EP-WGW1


The present article is the last in a series on Palau. The Palau Islands are part of the United States Trust Territory of the Pacific. The series examines Palauan attempts to exercise more control over, and protection of, their social and natural resources in the face of complex threats. The first article introduced Palau. The second article concentrated on Palauan strategies and an interaction mode, designed to deal with extent and long-term threats to the island environment. The focus was on the years 1975 to 1981. The present article explicates the maturation of the environment/development dilemma that has faced Palau, and draws parallels between the Palauan problems, and the nuclear and environmental threats that challenge us all.

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