Land Use Considerations in Reducing Oil and Grease in Urban Stormwater Runoff

Gary S. Silverman
Michael K. Stenstrom
Sami Fam

DOI: 10.2190/7425-920N-2T3K-REQ5


This article describes the input of oil and grease (hydrocarbons) to San Francisco Bay from the local drainage areas. Results of two earlier experimentally based studies were used to develop the parameters for a material balance model for the entire San Francisco Bay local drainage area. Land use data and growth scenarios were determined from census data and local government projections. Total oil and grease emissions are estimated for several scenarios, including growth until the year 2000. Present emissions from urban runoff appear to be slightly less than point source emissions. For the anticipated growth occurring over the next fifteen years, the model predicts an 8 to 15 percent increase in oil and grease emissions depending on the rainfall conditions. Mitigation techniques are discussed.

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