A Framework for Technological Choice (A Technology Assessment: Methodology for the Choice of Wastewater Treatment Facilities)

D. Couillard

DOI: 10.2190/WQ11-EWP7-C50R-96CG


In this article, technological assessment is defined as a multidimensional process as applied to a management model in order to make wise or "best" choices. A method of technological assessment is presented as well as its application to the choice of wastewater technology. An analysis of the critical path used in the Qu├ębec urban wastewater treatment program was done using a grid made up of six dimensions, or domains, that can be considered when making a technology assessment study (technology, economics, environment, society, the individual, values and collective aspects of decision-making). This led to the identification of the most important criteria on which the selection of technologies was based: it was found that technical, economic, and environmental criteria were called upon much more often than those relating to society, the individual, or to values and collective aspects of decision-making.

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