Balancing Waste Collection Routes

Dean S. Shupe
Richard L. Shell

DOI: 10.2190/GVNH-4F26-6E3T-WKJJ


Approximately 10 per cent of every American community's budget is spent to collect and dispose of its solid waste. This paper examines the collection of residential waste using the team approach with load packer trucks. Utilizing the variables number of collection trucks, helpers, families serviced, stops, tons of waste collected, and total haul mileage to the incinerator, a stepwise multiple linear regression analysis was performed to predict the work content of 40 collection areas in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio. The multiple coefficients of correlation and determination are 0.88 and 0.77, respectively, with a standard error of 4 per cent of the average daily work time. The results are valuable for evaluating present collection operations.

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