Modeling River Water Quality by the Superposition Method

F. X. Yu
D. D. Adrian
V. P. Singh

DOI: 10.2190/BUG1-BWC2-BA5Q-3RKY


A one-dimensional (1-D) advection-dispersion equation (ADE) with a first-order biochemical reaction was solved using the superposition method. Three sets of initial and boundary conditions were considered. The boundary condition of the model virtually can be any type of chemical or BOD concentration functions. Thus, the model accepts discrete and time-dependent input and produces a continuous concentration distribution over time and space. A simple and accurate equation was derived to calculate the upper-bound memory time of a given river. Since the model requires only a finite record-length, it can be easily updated. The model was compared with some analytical and numerical models and was found to be accurate, simple, and easy to apply.

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