Speed-Dependent Modeling of Ecosystem Exposures from Vehicles in the Near-Road Environment

J. S. Pandey
P. Khanna

DOI: 10.2190/3A9U-2H0C-4L37-8TBL


The article presents a model of automobile exhaust emissions in terms of vehicle speed and plant stomatal resistance. The software, which offers several advantages in environmental decision making, has been developed for computing gas—specific flux contributions and total daily ecosystems—health exposure—risk for a near road environment under strong wind conditions. Concentration differential has been taken as proportional to the emission values from vehicles at different speeds. Flux contributions from different gaseous pollutants, and total daily exposure-risks have been computed as a function of vehicular speed and PAR-dependent curvature-coefficient. The calibration and validation of the model will be cost effective, as the number of parameters included in the model is significantly lower than the number required in the conventional models.

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