Assessment of Soil Acidification: A Case Study

Selçuk Soyupak
Labeeb Mukhallalati
Başak Kiliç
Coşkun Yurteri

DOI: 10.2190/F025-YWK0-6AFD-Y0KD


The Menemen-Aliaĝa-Foça region on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey near İzmir, is under the influence of air emissions originating from various industrial establishments. In this article, the long-term acidification impacts of these industrial emissions on the agricultural and forest soils of the region were studied by using qualitative and quantitative soil acidification assessment approaches. The relevant characteristics of the regional soils were determined experimentally and the number of years required to reach certain critical soil pH levels were estimated. Predictions were also made regarding the improvements expected in the future when the existing industries comply with the emission standards stipulated by the currently effective legislation.

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