A Scheme for Generation of Controlled Water Temperature Beaches

M. Segal

DOI: 10.2190/2YUF-XYTH-86DN-GMGW


The relatively low water temperature in subtropical sea beaches during fall and spring prevents bathing during fair weather days. Similarly, low water temperature limits the bathing period during the summer in many mid-latitude beaches. Generation of a warm water beach is suggested by using the cooling water of electric power plants. The concept is developed in this article in light of beach design considerations, water and air temperature climatology, the heat balance of the beach water, and warm beach attractiveness. It is concluded that in many locations in the United States development of thermally controlled beaches would extend the annual bathing period. The beach development and operational economic considerations are likely to vary significantly from one potential site to another, and would have to be examined in detail in future feasibility studies.

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