Nitrification of Aquacultural Water by Ozonation in a Packed Bed Reactor

S. H. Lin
C. M. Huang

DOI: 10.2190/Q310-C60A-QYH5-1PYY


Nitrite removal of aquacultural water by ozonation in a packed bed reactor was investigated. The rate of nitrite removal was determined in terms of the liquid and gas flow rates, pH, and ozone and nitrite concentrations. It was also found that an optimum pH around 7 exists for maximum nitrite removal. The experimental results also indicated that the nitrite removal increases with an increase in the inlet ozone concentration and with a decrease in both the nitrite concentration and liquid flow rate. In all circumstances, ozonation was found capable of efficiently reducing and maintaining the nitrite concentrations below 0.25 mg/L, a concentration level required generally for aquacultural activity. These results can be applied in the design of aquaculture systems with high fish density.

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