Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cooling Water Treatment by Ozonation

Sheng H. Lin

DOI: 10.2190/PAJK-D8T6-MW57-D8VQ


A cost-benefit analysis of the treatment of cooling water by ozonation was performed for a cogeneration plant of a large cement company. The economic viability of the ozonation process was assessed by comparing the cost of the new cooling water treatment system with that of the conventional chemical treatment process. It was found that the payback of the ozonation treatment is highly dependent on the cycle of concentration of the cooling water system. The ozonation treatment system was found to be economically attractive for the cycle of concentration exceeding ten, a level easily realizable in practice. In the extreme case, with complete elimination of all treatment chemicals, the payback period of the ozonation treatment system is merely thirteen months. Besides the economic advantages, the ozonation treatment process also has other operational and environmental benefits which are not easy to quantify, and are not considered in the analysis.

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