Fluorescein Fluorescence Intensity in the Presence of Gasoline-Contaminated Water

Malcolm S. Field
George Mushrush

DOI: 10.2190/VL0H-N911-A72G-3TGB


Fluorescein (Acid Yellow 73) dye-dilutions ranging from 10-7 M to 10-11 M concentrations were analyzed in a solution of gasoline-saturated distilled water. Spectrofluorophotometric analyses confirmed that fluorescein was readily detectable at the 10-11 M concentration. Sorption of fluorescein to activated carbon also produced sufficient fluorescence intensity at the 10-8 M concentration for easy analytical detection. This study shows that gasoline-contaminated water does not substantially reduce the fluorescence capabilities of fluorescein. Fluorescein should still be considered a useful dye for tracing ground-water flow even in the presence of gasoline contamination.

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