Performance Characteristics of A Packed-Bed Ozone Contactor

Sheng H. Lin
Chi F. Peng

DOI: 10.2190/2K0M-7KUT-G8J8-MKWT


Performance characteristics of a packed-bed ozone contactor were investigated. A yellow dye was employed as the tracer to test the dispersion characteristics of the ozone contactor in the single-phase (liquid) and two-phase (countercurrent liquid/air) flow systems. the one-parameter (tanks-in-series) and two-parameter (combined plug-flow/tanks-in-series) models were employed to fit the observed residence time distribution (RTD) functions. It was found that for the one-parameter model, at least twenty well-mixed tanks are required to reasonably fit the observed RTD functions, while for the two-parameter model, only fewer well-mixed tanks plus a plug flow reactor are needed to yield the same fit. the dispersion characteristics of flow in the ozone contactor could also be represented by the dispersion model with appropriate dispersion numbers. the experimental residence time distribution functions were employed in conjunction with the reaction kinetics to determine the discolorization of dyestuff by ozonation in the packed bed reactor. the experimental observations appeared to reasonably confirm the theoretical predictions.

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