Sensitivity Analysis of A Mangrove Ecosystem Model

J. S. Pandey
P. Khanna

DOI: 10.2190/TCD0-CVUF-KY8B-46PL


Mangrove ecosystems represent one of the most important ecosystems in terms of commercial use, inasmuch as their productivity is comparable to that of coral reefs and sea grass beds. In the present article, a comparative analysis is presented for delineating the ecological significance of mangrove ecosystems. Then, a mangrove ecosystem computer model is analyzed, and sensitivity analyses identify key parameters in the design of environmental management plans aimed at optimal and judicious use of mangroves. Analytical expressions are derived for steady state conditions. Moreover, conditions for ecological feasibility are also ascertained. Tidal action and nutrient inputs from terrestrial run-off turn out to be one of the most important controlling factors with respect to detritus export and nutrient cycling.

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