Aquifer Ground Water Quality and Flow in the Yarmouk River Basin of Northern Jordan

A. Jawad Ali
Saeb A. Al Shereideh
Y. Abu Rukah
Kh. Al-Qudah

DOI: 10.2190/273D-PGGM-0K6P-B8DA


Nitrate was used as an indicator of ground water pollution caused by contaminated water dumped into the A1 Ekader landfill. the build-up of nitrate in the aquifers of the northeastern part of the Yarmouk Basin in Jordan is a cumulative result of Ekader sewage landfill practices. Historical monitoring data of nitrate concentrations in downgradient wells around the Ekader landfill show a gradual increase in concentration subsequent to the establishment of the landfill site in 1981. During the period 1981 to 1985, the increase in nitrate was limited. After 1985, nitrate concentrations rose dramatically, doubling more than ten times in ten years. This indicates that the previously unsaturated zone had become saturated with polluted water.

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