A Proposed Framework of Eco-Efficiency for the Nonferrous Metal Mining Sector

Gavin Hilson

DOI: 10.2190/AL8C-GE3R-YE4A-FC1M


The most effective method of promoting sustainable development in business is through the adoption of eco-efficiency. This management strategy, of which the principles are broad in scope, categorizes activities that protect the environment and, at the same time, reduce corporate costs. In the case of the nonferrous metal mining sector, which has traditionally been regarded as being a dirty industry, the integration of eco-efficiency into business practices would help lead to a reduction in environmentally damaging activities in the areas of material inputs, energy use, waste consumption, and resource use. This article discusses the importance of eco-efficiency as a tool for environmental management in the nonferrous metal mining industry. It summarizes the evolution and principles of eco-efficiency, identifies important environment problems related to this particular sector of mining, and develops a sample eco-efficiency framework as a means to prevent and reduce the impacts of these problems.

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