Attitudes and Beliefs about Volume-Based Pricing

Angela Ebreo and Joanne Vining

DOI: 10.2190/1C7H-GGDV-QX65-6F3J


This article examines the public s opinions of solid waste management issues in three counties in downstate Illinois. The responses of residents of communities with a volume-based pricing system for garbage collection were compared with responses of residents of communities without such a system. Contrary to our expectations, respondents exposed to volume-based pricing systems did not differ from those respondents who had not experienced these systems in their level of agreement with various statements pertaining to volume-based pricing. Furthermore, the self-reported waste reduction behaviors of residents in the various communities did not differ as a function of the type of collection system imposed. However, respondents self-reported waste reduction behavior was found to be related to certain beliefs about volume-based pricing, particularly related to its function as a reminder about goods that people purchase and consume.

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