Locating Potential Landfill Sites Using Geographic Information Systems

A. K. Dikshit, T. Padmavathi, and R. K. Das

DOI: 10.2190/PMU7-1H8M-LVJQ-R16T


Regulations and public opposition can make siting municipal solid waste landfills difficult. The siting of a landfill not only requires diverse geological, geotechnical, and environmental considerations, but also must satisfy legal locational restrictions and other social and cultural factors. In this article a Geographic Information System-based method has been presented that identifies potential landfill areas for preliminary assessment. The regulatory restrictions, area attributes, and site assessment criteria provided by experts and/or users have been taken into account. The proposed method has been demonstrated by applying it to a landfill site selection study for the Nilgiri block of Balasore district of Orissa in India.

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