Attaining Environmental Quality: The Role of the Technical Decision-Maker

H. G. Kaufman

DOI: 10.2190/92V0-K6QU-53TE-DAPF


Technological change has been identified as the major cause of environmental deterioration. This review explores the important role played by technical decision-makers in accomplishing this change. Focus is concentrated on the attitudes of engineers and scientists toward attaining environmental quality, as well as their role in making decisions which impact the environment. An analysis of the empirical literature reveals that engineers and scientists apparently fail to perceive the importance of attaining environmental quality but this may be a result of their exclusion from influence processes affecting basic decisions concerning the environmental impact of technological change. Recommendations are made regarding the actions that can be carried out within the engineering and science professions to sensitize their members to the ecological consequences of their activities, as well as to increase their influence in decision-making.

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