A Prototype Urban Environmental Policy Statement

Robert H. Giles

DOI: 10.2190/0FWJ-0G66-TGHC-LPC6


Many communities now seek an environmental policy statement to serve as a guide for citizens as well as legislators and administrators. The motivation to gain such guides is a product of rapidly declining1 quality of the urban milieu,2 new perception of the problem by the masses aided by many media, mandates from the urbanizing professions3 and a dawning of the potentials for really doing something about the problems.4,5

While policy statements may provide guidance and education for citizens and corporations, its mega-influence may be felt if it suffices in lieu of arduous legislative development or serves as the final criterion for environmental legislation. Such policy statements as goal concepts6 can provide the basis and foundation for the urban environmental system. The following prototype of such a policy statement is presented for use and discussion.

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