Sulphur Dioxide as Indoor Pollutant in Metropolitan Kano, Nigeria

J. T. Ayodele
I. Yakubu
O. A. Adekiya

DOI: 10.2190/ES.31.2.c


The magnitude and spatial distribution of indoor sulphur dioxide in three population density districts of metropolitan Kano, Nigeria were investigated. The mean and standard deviation of the gas in the metropolis is 34.61 ± 22.9 ¨g/m3. Its magnitude and spatial distribution in three population density districts of City, Sabongari/Brigade and Nassarawa are 43.81 ± 27.3; 39.22 ± 13.65, and 17.01 ± 20.08 ¨g/m3 respectively. The distribution, which is skewed toward high frequency of low concentrations, could be attributed to the use of biomass and the combustion of high sulphur fossil fuels.

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