Factors Influencing Environmental Behavior of the Urban Poor Concerning Solid Waste Management

Md. Wahid Murad
Chamhuri Siwar

DOI: 10.2190/ES.31.3.d


This study determines and analyzes the factors that are influencing environmental behavior of the urban poor householders concerning solid waste management among the squatters and low-cost flats in Kuala Lumpur city, Malaysia. Primary data collected from the level of living conditions of the urban poor was analyzed with a logistic regression model that was developed. The analysis showed that the urban poor communities behave in ways comporting with and conducive to environmentally sound solid waste management. This study suggests that such urban low-income communities generally play a very active role from a sound environmental management perspective, as they are the main recycles and source-reducers of solid waste. Policies then should be formulated that promote an integrated, environment-friendly solid waste management that at the same time empowers urban poor as a means of bettering their living conditions.

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