Climate Change, Desertification, and Dust Generation in Nigeria: A Review

Ekanem M. Ekanem
Moses O. Nwagbara

DOI: 10.2190/ES.32.1.b


People, nations, and/or countries are becoming increasingly concerned with events occurring within and outside their environments. Of great interest to them is the subject of climate change. This is undoubtedly so because of the magnitude of destruction done by recent climatic events. Massive flooding resulting from hurricanes with usually great speed and magnitude has been reported. Heavy storms lasting longer and the melting of ice caps and frozen seas due to increasing temperatures are also causing flooding. Desertification and its concomitant effects of famine and shrinking of water bodies resulting from drought are becoming very common. Of great concern to Nigeria now is the issue of desertification. It ordinarily turns arable fields to dust bowls. This article, therefore, examines the extent of desertification in Nigeria vis-à-vis climate change and its implication in dust generation.

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