Modeling of Stages of Landfill Sites Development in Metropolitan Lagos

S. G. Odewumi

DOI: 10.2190/ES.32.1.f


The location of the landfill sites determines the distance to be covered in waste collection and disposal. Nineteen sites have been officially designated landfill/dumpsite by Lagos State government in the metropolis; all have been except for the three currently in use. It is the aim of this article to examine the site selection decision-making process, the life cycle of the dumpsites and their spatial efficiency. Interviews were conducted with the host Chiefs of the dumpsite areas and the managers of the sites. The study revealed a five staged evolutionary sequence: first, land acquisition and mining; second, pit-site abandonment; third, pit-filling/restoration; fourth, government acquisition and designation; fifth, official closure/conversion. The article suggested adoption of a more rational approach for dumpsite selection, development of more transfer loading stations located for spatial efficiency, adoption of transitory community dumps and location of a major landfill in the southwest end of the state.

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