Nigerian Teachers' Attitude Toward Environmental Sustainability Issues in the Curriculum

Iroha Kalu
L. E. Uwatt
A. E. Asim

DOI: 10.2190/ES.32.3.e


The purpose of the study was to determine the nature and extent of teachers' attitude toward environmental sustainability issues in the school curriculum and the influence of their gender, teaching experience, educational qualification, and type of school where they teach (primary or secondary) on their attitude. Three hundred twenty-one teachers selected from 18 primary and secondary schools in Calabar Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria participated in the study. Data for the study were collected with a 36-item, modified Likert-type attitude questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using one-sample t-test and four-way ANOVA. The results indicate that (i) the teachers have significantly positive attitudes toward environmental sustainability issues and the teaching of the environmental sustainability topics in the school curriculum; and (ii) the main effects of gender, teaching experience, educational qualification, and school type and their interactions are not significant (p > .05) for attitude toward environmental sustainability issues. The results are discussed and recommendations made.

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