A Computer Simulation Model for the Study of Wolf-Moose Population Dynamics

Stanley J. Zarnoch
Brian J. Turner

DOI: 10.2190/HF0H-CM0T-325A-7DQF


A computer simulation model has been developed of a wolf-moose (Canis lupus-Alces alces) system. The program is formulated in APL (A Programming Language) which is an interactive language between user and computer. This language is ideal for use as a teaching aid because the student is continuously in contact with the simulation problem. Parameters in the program which may be externally manipulated by the user consist of initial age and sex distributions of the moose and wolf populations, vegetation supply (herbaceous and browse) available for the moose, moose hunting season, length of the simulation run, and output options. The other parameters in the model are reproductive rates (age specific) and mortality rates (age and sex specific) for moose and wolves, wolf predation rate upon moose (age specific), vegetation consumption by moose, and human hunting success on moose (age and sex specific). These can be altered by internal programming which may be performed with minimal computer training.

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