Some Preliminary Results of an Environmental Impact Report Review Process (EIRRP)

Richard C. Smardon
Ronald B. Woodland

DOI: 10.2190/GVD3-KQYU-KKTF-85QN


This paper describes the results of an Environmental Impact Review Process (EIRRP) which was initiated to insure adequate technical review of Environmental Impact Reports necessitated by the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (M. G. L. Ch. 30 ss 61 & 62). The process utilized teams of University faculty members to review extremely controversial and/or complex environmental impact reports.

Major results are described from reviews of numerous programmatic and site specific project reviews including a number of controversial projects. Indirect benefits were realized by faculty, graduate students, and the academic community as well as state agencies.

Conclusion and summary includes the major process problems posed by faculty reviews over two years time as well as future recommendations for the improvement of the process and implementation of MEPA.

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