Perspectives on Environmental Protection: A Survey of the Executive Viewpoint

Asterios G. Kefalas
Archie B. Carroll

DOI: 10.2190/P2X9-81HU-J157-TPEU


Have business executives changed their attitudes over the past five years about the role of the federal government in the area of environmental protection? Do executives who once viewed conservationist groups as representing public opinion now perceive them merely as pressure groups seeking their own personal aims? Should environmental protection be taken into consideration even if it means slowing the introduction of new products, foregoing increased production, and reducing profits? What incentives do executives prefer for facilitating environmental protection by business?

Some interesting answers to the above questions were disclosed in a recent national survey of top level business executives. The survey was designed to probe executive opinions about these and other issues which have captivated business headlines and a large portion of managerial attention since the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) five years ago.

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