Applied Recreation Research: The Missing Link Between Theoretical Research and the Practitioner

D. L. Groves
R. Wolensky

DOI: 10.2190/G9JE-HN43-5RHE-3T5U


In recreation there is a gap between theoretical research and the practitioner. This gap is partially caused by too little emphasis on the applied research and development function. With a greater applied contingent there would be more continuity because information will be put in a more usable form. The purpose of this article is to analyze problems and propose a model to increase continuity between theory and practice. The problem has been barriers established between the information flow points. The emphasis has been on internal communication instead of transfer of information. The solution is to improve the quality of information flow and increase the use of the information once it has been transferred. The institution within society that has the greatest potential for helping to achieve this is higher education.

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