Violent Crime Perpetrated against the Elderly in the City of Dallas, October 1974-September 1975

Daniel E. Georges
Kirk Kirksey

DOI: 10.2190/D52C-KEXA-2YYB-JEV6


This study involved cases of assault, robbery, murder and rape that were reported as having been committed against persons age fifty and older in the City of Dallas, Texas during the time period October 1974-September 1975. Spatial distributions of crime and violence may be examined on a micro and/or macro locational level. By micro we mean structural location. Divisions here include single family dwellings, garages, yards, parks, etc. All in all, a total of forty-eight locations were listed in this study. Macro categories refer to politico-judicial locations; these being federal census tracts, police report areas, and police beats. Macro categories were not examined in this study. This study utilized City of Dallas Police Department Suspect Data as well as Meteorological data provided by the U.S. Weather Service Offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas SMSA. These "non-spatial" variables are of particular interest, since they will allow for the comparison of the dynamics of violent crime committed against older citizens in Dallas to national, state, regional, and other municipal violent crime trends for all age groups as reported by the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Crime in America: The Uniform Crime Report.

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