The Study of Bombings, Incendiaries, and Bomb Threats in the City of Dallas for the Year 1975

Daniel E. Georges
Mohammad M. Zandi

DOI: 10.2190/PGH0-CA1A-TF9A-C5U3


This study is concerned with the spatial as well as non-spatial analysis of bomb threats and explosions in the city of Dallas for the year 1975. Information in the form of bomb logs was provided by the Explosive Ordinance Unit, Tactical Services, Section, Special Operations Division of the Dallas Police Department.

The preliminary perusal of bomb log data for the year 1975 calendar year revealed that 396 incidents concerning bomb threats and bombings were reported to the Dallas Police Department; however, only thirty-five incidents or 8.8 per cent of the reported 396 incidents actually resulted in a bombing. Some of our most basic findings were the following: bombings which resulted in casualties or major property damage were rare; revenge was the most common motive; public buildings, business offices, and residential structures were the primary locations for incidents; the ethnic/racial characteristics of 43.6 per cent of the suspects could not be determined; females tended to be underrepresented in the suspect category; bombings, incendiaries, and bomb threats were the actions of youthful offenders.

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