Developing a New Measure of Work Alienation

Nisha Nair
Neharika Vohra

DOI: 10.2190/WR.14.3.c


There is limited research on work alienation in contemporary management studies. One of the possible reasons is the lack of a parsimonious and validated measure of work alienation. The present study reports the construction and evaluation of a new scale for measuring work alienation, in the interest of facilitating further research in this area and aiding the detection and assessment of worker alienation, providing cues to which management should pay attention for any consequent correction, if needed. In Study 1, we developed an initial scale in order to assess the construct and administered it to 99 management executives in India. Exploratory factor analysis led to a revised unidimensional scale, which was then administered to a second sample. In Study 2 (N = 371), confirmatory factor analysis was conducted and the reliability and validity of the scale was assessed. The results indicate good psychometric properties for the newly developed measure of work alienation, providing a robust measure for its use in testing worker alienation and facilitating any required correction to ensure enhanced employee well-being.

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