Of Toxic Tales and Poisoned Pens: Melding Toxicology and Creative Writing in an Undergraduate Course

Table 1

Books Selected for Review

Aird, Catherine Steady as She Goes Antimony
Berkeley, Anthony The Poisoned Chocolates Case Nitrobenzene
Bradley, Alan Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie Carbon tetrachloride
Beaton, M.C. A Spoonful of Poison LSD
Boucher, Anthony The Camberwell Poisoners Cyanide
Christie, Agatha 1. By the Pricking of My Thumbs Morphine
2. Crooked House Eserine/Digitalin
3. The Pale Horse Thallium
4. And Then there Were None Cyanide/Chloral hydrate
5. Three Act Tragedy Nicotine
6. Curtain Physostigmine
7. Black Coffee Hyoscine hydrobromide
Cook, Robin 1. Vector Anthrax
2. Coma Succinylcholine
Carbon monoxide
Doherty, Paul The Poisoner of Ptah Multiple
Frommer, Sarah Murder in C major TTX
George, Elizabeth Missing Joseph Water hemlock
Hyzy, Julia Five Sorrowful Mysteries Abrin
Meltzer, Brad The Book of Lies Hemlock (coniine)
Rosetti, Christina Goblin Market Food adulterants?
Wilde, Oscar Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime Aconitine

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