This Time It's Personal

  1. Harry Smith, Editor

It's already been a whole year since we first placed in the hands of some ten thousand or so readers, at Experimental Biology (EB) 2001, in Orlando, the inaugural issue of Molecular Interventions. With this, the April 2002 issue—also to be handed out at EB—we thus begin our second year of publication.

Of course, the genesis of ASPET's new publication began well before last April. Sue Duckles (Chair of MI's Executive Committee) wrote an editorial in the inaugural issue1 that detailed some of the thinking that had gone into the new venture. In part, she chronicled the realization of Ken Harden's initiative to establish a new, graphically fresh, but scientifically rigorous review publication that would span the disciplines that touch on pharmacology, and more important, would support ASPET's commitment to serving membership and the broader research community in the new era of biomedicine. Ken, then Chair of ASPET's Board of Publications Trustees, in consultation with ASPET Executive Officer Christie Carrico and Journals Director Rich Dodenhoff, brainstormed, recruited leaders from ASPET membership onto the founding Executive Committee2 and, well, the rest is obvious.

Last year, in anticipation of EB 2001 in Orlando, I was only too happy when Sue offered to write the inaugural editorial. After the challenging gestation period and birth of the new publication, my own inclination toward editorial comment at the time, like that of many first-time initiates to parturition, culminated in little more than a satisfied, if somewhat exhausted, sigh. If you were at last year's ASPET reception at EB, you may remember me, the distracted editorial type mesmerized by the colorful beach balls, emblazoned with the MI logo, that were gently bobbing poolside in the Orlando breeze.

But this year—although again exhausted as the EB issue goes to press—I myself want to take the opportunity to express my excitement about MI, and especially to thank all the authors, peer referees, and Editorial Advisory Board members who have helped bring the first year's worth of issues to fruition. Especially to those authors who agreed to submit contributions to a brand-spanking new journal with no track record, I am most grateful. Thanks also to all the ASPET staff members, many of whom are not officially assigned with the tasks necessary to keep the MI editorial office functioning, for nevertheless pitching in during the launch phase. And to those with a vested interest, Christie Carrico and Rich Dodenhoff, who have steadfastly manned the launch pad with sometimes rightfully concerned faces, goes special gratitude. Phillip Payette, MI Art Director, has given MI the “graphically compelling” look that we had all hoped for, despite my best attempts to offer “artistic” advice. Sue Duckles has been an unwavering source of advice, encouraging in word and example.

Above all, I thank MI readership for the positive response and criticism we have received during the past year. One of the most exciting challenges that I find as Editor is to earn the readership of biomedical professionals, both established and prospective. I hope you, too, will be challenged by MI, not only in terms of the information it contains, but also in terms of the opportunity that it offers as an outlet for directing and expressing the scientific and social currents that modern biomedicine carries.



  • 1 See Duckles, S. Dial M for Molecular. Mol. Interv. 1(1), 6–7 (2001).

  • 2 Sue Duckles (Chair), Marlene Cohen, Brian M. Cox, Perry Molinoff, and Palmer Taylor.

Harry Smith

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