A Brief History of ASPET on Its Centennial Anniversary

ASPET’s awards programs have brought great visibility to pharmacology.

Award Inauguration Funding
a Terminated in 2002.
b Terminated in 2003.
c Terminated in 1983.
d The Julius Axelrod Award had been sponsored by the Catecholamine Club prior to transfer of the Award to ASPET auspices in 2006. The award was inaugurated in 1991 and given to Ullrich Trendelenberg.
e The Behavioral Pharmacology Division received contributions from its members and from Aventis, Centre de Recherche Pierre Fabre, Eli Lilly, Harvard University, International Life Sciences Institute Caffeine Committee, Merck, Pepsi Cola Company, Pfizer Central Research, Pfizer Global Research and Development, Pharmacia, and Wyeth-Ayerst Research.
Pharmacia-ASPET Award in Experimental Therapeutics John A. Oates, 1969 Pharmacia endowment since 2001. Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. (1969–2001).
Goodman & Gilman Award in Receptor Pharmacology Soloman H. Snyder, 1980 GlaxoSmithKline (formerly, SmithKline Corporation).
John J. Abel Award George Sayers, 1947 Eli Lilly & Co.
Torald Sollmann Award Otto Krayer, 1961 Wyeth.
Otto Krayer Awarda Norman Weiner, 1985 Zeneca Pharmaceuticals.
Harry Gold Awardb Albert Sjoerdsma, 1977 ASPET and a bequest from the family of Harry Gold.
Theodore Weicker Memorial Award in Pharmacology & Therapeuticsc Ernst Buedding, 1978 Theodore and Elizabeth Weicker Foundation.
Julius Axelrod Award Tong H. Joh, 2006 ASPETd
P.B. Dews Award in Behavioral Pharmacology William H. Morse, 2002 Endowed through the ASPET Behavioral Pharmacology Divisione.
Epilepsy Research Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Pharmacology of Antiepileptic Drugs Alan Richens, 1978 Pfizer.
Bernard B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism James R. Gillette, 1978 Division for Drug Metabolism (2001–present). SmithKline Beecham (1996–2002), DowElanco (1996), Ciba-Giegy (1978–1994).
ASPET-Astellas Awards P. Jeffrey Conn, Kathryn Cunningham, and Liewei Want, 2006 Astellas Foundation.

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