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CT-based handling and analysis of preclinical multimodality imaging data of bone metastases

Thomas J A Snoeks
Martin Baiker
Eric L Kaijzel
Boudewijn P F Lelieveldt
Clemens W G M Löwik



The pathogenesis of bone metastases is a complex and multifaceted process. Often multiple imaging modalities are needed to follow both the structural and functional changes over time during metastatic bone disease. Researchers face extended data sets of one experiment acquired with multiple modalities at multiple points in time. This review gives an overview of an integrated approach for handling these kinds of complex data. It focuses on the analysis of whole-body micro-computerized tomography and optical data handling. We show how researchers can generate side-by-side visualizations of scans taken with one imaging modality at multiple time points and with multiple modalities at one point. Moreover, we highlight methods for normalized volumes of interest selection and quantification of bone volume and thickness.

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