Organizational Justice as Determinants of Member Satisfaction: A Teacher's Association Experience

George W. Bohlander and Donna Blancero

DOI: 10.2190/EC5V-45GK-UQHP-8MHA


In contrast to business firms, labor organizations have been reluctant to use general attitude surveys as a means of assessing member satisfaction. Drawing upon popular research in the organizational justice field, this study surveyed members of a teachers association regarding their perceptions of procedural, distributive, and interactional justice. Also surveyed were member attitudes toward dispute resolution handling. Results are noteworthy for several reasons. First, findings demonstrate the important of the constructs of justice and fairness in the evaluation of member satisfaction and union/ association performance. Second, on a practical note, the study illustrates the ease by which survey questionnaires can be used and analyzed by public sector labor organizations. The article begins with a review of the organizational justice literature.

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