The Implementation of Local Solid Waste Policies In Florida

Jonathan P. West
M. Margaret Haley
Stephanie J. Lee
Richard C. Feiock

DOI: 10.2190/37A2-W0VB-TN8E-MH9Q


In coming years, America's waste management problem will become critical. As local landfills approach capacity, new efforts to cope with garbage must be developed. This study assesses current practices and policies for managing solid waste, as well as the attitudes of managers through a statewide survey of local solid waste managers in Florida. Specifically, the research reports the state of the art in solid waste management (SWM) in Florida; assesses the attitudes of Florida's solid waste managers on SWM issues; identifies the rationale and program design features of effective recycling programs; and identifies state mandates for SWM which shape local policies and practices. The article also details some of the problems confronting local SW managers and the lessons to be learned from successful experiences in managing garbage.

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