Environmental Impact Evaluation and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Cooling Tower Technologies

Becky Ziebro
Deborah I. Nelson
Jess W. Everett

DOI: 10.2190/4URE-84JL-CD1P-3N7M


As environmental awareness increases, factors other than economic costs must be considered during product design. A new cooling tower design was compared to more traditional design considering energy usage, environmental impacts, and worker health and safety. the greater control over air flowrates provided by the new design allows for possible energy savings above traditional designs. the reduction in energy not only saves the user money, but carries with it the added environmental bonus of reducing emissions associated with energy production and consumption. Other environmental benefits found included potential reductions in noise and dust emissions, reduced chemical usage, elimination of sludge cleanout/disposal, and increased aesthetic appeal. Finally, the new design places mechanical components near ground level, reducing the risks to maintenance personnel associated with elevated working environments. the enclosed structure also eliminates the potential confined space entry hazards often associated with traditional towers.

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