Systematically Estimating End-Use Energy Consumption Patterns at Large Military Installations

Robert E. Beasley
Brian Deal
Lee Debaillie

DOI: 10.2190/YJ3N-0P43-C0QG-A8V8


To help achieve U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) energy-use reduction goals, the Building Use Categorization and Scale-Up (BUCS) system was developed by the Army Corps of Engineers at the United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL) in Champaign, Illinois. This article describes the processes by which BUCS systematically groups an installation's buildings into discrete building sets according to their use, usage intensity, age, and size, selects representative buildings from each of these building sets, and then extrapolates the end-use energy consumption patterns of these prototypes (derived from individual building audits or simulations) to the entire facility. It also describes a process which exports the building set and prototype data generated by the system to be used as input to the Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS) for further processing.

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