Google: It's all at the Co-op now!

  1. Andrew Booth, Director of Information Resources
  1. School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield (A.Booth{at}


It's an all-too-familiar story - you have spent several person-weeks compiling or updating a formidable web resource, a collection of links relevant to your organisation or activities and, within less than a year, 20-30% of the web pages are out of date.1-3 Furthermore, users of the resource have specialised needs that are best sustained at a sub-document level - in other words, it is paragraphs and sections of web documents that best address their needs, not the web pages themselves. This was the situation faced by ScHARR Information Resources, creators of the internationally renowned Netting the Evidence: A ScHARR Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice on the Internet. This brief article shares one potential solution - creation of a Google customised search engine.

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