Clinical Medicine Reviews in Cardiology

Salmonella Myocarditis: Suspecting and Estimating the Associated Clinical Complications

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Clinical Medicine Reviews in Cardiology 2016:4 1-6


Published on 19 Apr 2016

DOI: 10.4137/CMRC.S38652

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Salmonella myocarditis has been a case of medical underestimation in terms of the occurrence, identification, and treatment decision for most patients. One prominent reason is the lack of significant scientific literature or reports highlighting the same. In addition, most often the complications associated are not exclusively limited to myocardiac infection and thus end up being neglected or undiagnosed. Cases of virus-induced myocardiac infection and the virus-mediated exacerbation are well realized in our scientific community, but the case is not same for bacteria-related myocardiac infection. Rarity of bacteriological myocardiac infection and the lack of prompt and first hand medical suspicion have led to this consistent medical negligence, ultimately resulting in further complications. In this review, we discuss about the case histories of Salmonella myocarditis and the existing treatment options. This review also tries to summarize the most common observed electrocardiographic and functional changes noted in cases of Salmonella myocarditis, to enable clinicians be updated with various markers for suspicion of Salmonella-triggered infection and ultimately resulting in improved clinical diagnosis and treatment.



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