Letters to the editor

We received a number of short, but gratifyingly positive, reader comments in response to our inaugural issue last month. The following two excerpts come from responses to Sue Duckles' editorial, “Dial M for Molecular” (Mol. Interv.1, 6-7 (April 2001)), in which she identified herself as an “integrative pharmacologist” and detailed our vision of MI. We encourage our readers to view MI as a vehicle for voicing their scientific and professional concerns and we welcome letters.


Dear MI:

  1. Bryan Cox
  1. Abbott Laboratories, Abbott, IL

    I would like to congratulate you on an excellent first edition of Molecular Interventions. This new journal really fills a void in the field of pharmacology. The blend of reviews and interviews makes for excellent reading.

    I would offer one suggestion for fulfilling your hope to “earn the readership of every pharmacologist, whether in industry, academia, government, or elsewhere….” As chair-elect of ASPET’s Division of Drug Discovery, Development, and Regulatory Affairs, I represent a significant number of industrial pharmacologists. As you are well aware, there has been some degree of separation between our academic and industrial colleagues in the past. One of the goals of the DDDRA is to ensure that the scientific interests of our industrial brethren are represented in ASPET meetings, publications, and functions. To that end, you might consider adding a person or two from industry to your editorial board. A diversity of input may broaden your impact with the entire membership of ASPET.

    I look forward to the next issue!

    MI responds:

    We are so delighted that you found our new journal interesting and informative. We absolutely would like to include the industrial perspective and appreciate your suggestions. (Currently, Marlene Cohen (Lilly) and Perry Molinoff (Bristol-Myers Squibb) work to represent industrial perspectives on our board.) Besides the short reviews and interviews of prominent pharmacologists, we also plan to have people write perspectives concerning different aspects of our discipline. The problem, though, is finding people who are willing to do this. Any suggestions you might have concerning topics, views, or people would be very welcome.

    Again, we really appreciate your interest in the journal, and we will take your suggestions very seriously.

    Dear Integrative Pharmacologist:

    1. Dr. Arnie Schwartz
    1. Univ. Cincinnati, Coll. Med, Institute Molecular Pharmacology/Biophysics

      I love the concept, and congratulations. The only drawback in the name of the new journal is that it will be forever known as “MI”, and as an integrative pharmacologist, you know what that means! How does one become an integrative pharmacologist? Am I one? I feel the venture is an outstanding one and I wish ASPET all the very best of luck!!

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