Journal Title:  Journal of Pharmacy Teaching | Vol:  13 | Issue:  2 | Year:  2006   
Print ISSN:  1044-0054 | Online ISSN:     

Fourth Professional Year Pharmacy Students in the Ambulatory Care Setting: Patient Perceptions and Satisfaction

Assistant Professor Rosalyn S. Padiyara Pharm.D.
Associate Professor and faculty Amie D. McCord Pharm.D. and BCPS and CDE
Associate Professor Patricia L. Lurvey Ph.D.

pages: 17 - 37


The purpose of this study was to investigate patient perceptions of the pharmacy student's role in an ambulatory care setting: satisfaction with services, patient care activities, and advice offered to students to become better health professionals. A survey evaluated patients' present and previous interactions with pharmacy students and demographic data. Seventy-four surveys were analyzed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA, Chi-square, and qualitative analysis. All respondents strongly agreed or agreed they enjoyed talking with the student and the student was professional; 93% (n = 69) reported satisfaction with student services. Respondents with more student activities performed were more likely to think their time was well-spent (p < 0.05). Patient advice emphasized professionalism and empathy. In this setting, patients were satisfied with pharmacy student services and felt the services added to their health care. Results may be used to communicate the benefits of pharmacy student interactions to clinical site administration at various organizations and to emphasize important areas for student professional development.