Optimal Recycling of Aluminum Beverage Cans: An Empirical Approach

Reuben Nwabeze Ogbudinkpa



Recently, environmentalists have increased pressure for better solid waste disposal for ecological reasons. Consequent to such pressure, government agencies have evoked stricter measures of solid waste disposal. Apart from the ecological basis for better solid waste disposal, economic motives have been nurtured too.

This paper surveys recycling of aluminum beverage cans as a method of solid waste disposal in the light of the growing importance of beverage cans in solid wastes. It seeks economic justification for recycling which if found will be evoked to complement ecological reasons for better disposal of solid wastes. Only then will the environment be better protected.

The analysis employs the Simplex Method. It shows that of the three main products from recycling the beverage cans, copper is the most important followed by aluminum and zinc respectively. Recycling is economically justifiable and the largest profit is attained when recycling is for copper and aluminum only.

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